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Recruiting Contest Challenge


In order to take part in the Haiti International Pageant CONTEST you must do the following:


HOW to enter?

1.     Submit an email to with the following

a.     Full Name and Alias

b.    Social Media handles (IG, FB, Twitter)

c.     Photo (attached)

WHAT to do?

2.     Post a video of your talent in a form of a commercial recruiting message for Haiti International pageant. The video must include             any or all of the following announcement/disclosure:

a.     “Sign up for Haiti International Today ages contestants age 13 to 56 years old”

b.    “The Haiti International Pageant system has been developed to promote today's young women and their accomplishments. Around the world, women are finding this system to be the opportunity to work with others and become positive role models.”

WHO is eligible?

3.     Contest open to all talents of all backgrounds ( bands, singers, dancers, comedians, the list goes on)

a.    Contest open to all U.S. residents, 16 years of age or older.

b.   All entries give us (Haiti International pageant) permission to use their videos for any promotions.

WHERE must video be posted?

4.     Video must be post by contest participants in their page or group page with @haitipageants tagged

a.     Contestant must also use Hashtag #haitiinternationalpageanttalentrecruiting

WHEN is the contest? 

5.     Contest will begin September 15th through December 31st   

a.     Entry Deadline:  Nov 1st 2022


WHY should I enter this contest?

6.     The 1st place winner will receive $2000 Cash & Second Place will receive $1000.

a.     We will announce the winners on our page and a picture of the winners will be post on our website and social.

b.     The audience will help determine the winners. The winners will receive fund through PayPal, check or Cash app on Sunday January  4th, 2022



Regulations for the contest 




These contest-specific rules should be read in conjunction with Haiti international Contest Rules, which are applicable to all contests.

Contest participants are responsible for 3rd party fees when cash out.


Good Luck to All!




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