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Haitian Women works Together

Hey guys and happy 4th!!

We have so many things We want to tell you guys today, but it's a holiday so we will keep it quick and to the point, just know we got some great news. We are extended our special till Monday July 8th at 11:59pm.

Have you every wonder what it will feel like to compete together with your mom? your sister? your cousin? your best friend? We can tell you,  we have witness all of the above, such and amazing bond moments. 

You probably wonder why would you compete with a family member or friend in same category. The beauty and the great news is that is doesn't have to be the same category. It could be a Teen ( 13 to 18 years old) A Miss ( 19 to 30 years old) Ambassador Ms. ( 19 to 49 years single with kids or without) Mrs. ( 21 to 56 married). We know you have so many people in mind for the different categories.

 This year we want to continue to promote how beautiful it is to work together as a friend or family member. We are having a sign up and get one 50%. When the first one sign up the other will get 50% off. You heard it right. contact us

See attachment to see some of our most precious moments. 

Respond to the name of the person you signing up with and we will send you the code or the link. Payment arrangement is available if needed.

Have a safe and bless weekend.

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